How much does it cost to participate in BBBSCSI’s programs?

Nothing! All of the programs run by BBBSCSI are free. Our community partnerships allow us to bring our programs without charge to communities throughout the Central and Southern Interior of British Columbia.

Acceptance into our programs is independent of income. BBBSCSI’s goal is to match any student who wants and could benefit from having a mentor.

What are the steps to match a student with a One-to-One Mentor or a Study Buddy?

  • A student is referred to BBBBSCSI to be matched by school staff (a school councilor, teacher, principal, etc.). A potential Mentee must express interest in having a Mentor before they will be accepted into one of our programs.
  • A staff member of the Mentee’s school fills out the One-to-One Student Nomination Form or the Study Buddy Nomination Form and returns it to the BBBSCSI by email.
  • A Mentee’s parent or guardian fills out the One-to-One Application and Consent Form or Study Buddy Application and Consent Form and returns it to BBBSCSI by email.
  • The school staff member becomes the “School Liaison”. The School Liaison will help BBBSCSI to monitor the match and make sure the match is a success.
  • Once BBBSCSI receives a copy of both forms, they review the Mentee’s application.
  • BBBSCSI completes Pre-Match Child Safety Training with the Mentee
  • The Mentee is introduced to their Mentor during the first match meeting, which is facilitated by BBBSCSI

What are the responsibilities of the School Liaison?

A School Liaison does the following:

  • Informs BBBSCSI of a Mentee’s availability
  • Provides the Mentor with relevant school information (tour, map, calendar, available resources, etc.)
  • Notifies the Mentor in advance if the Mentee is away during regular meeting times or vice versa
  • Knows where Mentors and Mentees will be at all times
  • Checks in with Mentee regularly about the progress of the Match
  • Connects with BBBSCSI to set up Match Monitoring check-ins, and checks in to share any concerns about the match or positive progress they have observed

How often does BBBSCSI monitor Matches?

BBBSCSI does match monitoring check-ins a minimum of three times per year.

How long is the match between the Mentor and Mentee?

Matches last for the duration the academic school year.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

What age can Mentees be?

Mentees in the Adult or Teen One-to-One programs can be in Grades 1 to 8. Mentees in the Study Buddy program can be in Grades 2 to 8. There are group mentoring programs available for students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 and Grades 9 to 12. Visit our Mentoring Services page for more information.

What age can Mentors be?

Mentors can be either Teens or Adults. Teen Mentors are in Grades 9-12. After graduating, they can reapply to become Adult Mentors. Adult Mentors are nineteen years or older.

When and where do the Mentors and Mentees meet?

Mentors meet with their Mentees for one hour, once a week, at the same time each week. In-School Mentoring Matches meet at the Mentee’s school during school hours. Matches can meet virtually if needed. Study Buddies may set a weekly time to meet virtually outside of school hours.

Do any of the BBBS programs run after school hours?

Study Buddy Matches are scheduled to meet virtually after school hours. Matches meet each week on the same day, at the same time.

What is the Study Buddy Program?

Do you run community-based programs?

Our agency does not run any community-based programs. We work in direct partnerships with local schools to ensure quality programming and child safety.

How has COVID-19 affected the ability for a match to exist?

Matches are currently able to meet in school. All BBBSCSI staff and volunteers continue to follow Provincial Health and School District Guidelines.

If needed, programs and services can be carried out virtually through safe and monitored virtual platforms. School Liaisons help BBBSCSI set up virtual meetings, and BBBSCSI provides Mentors with resources and suggestions on how to make their matches successful.